Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

Past Projects

MONEY MANAGEMENT – This program ended in 2016.  Please read our statement about the program.





CONSULTANCY SERVICES – Waltja can provide consultancy services working directly with remote communities for Government or other non-government agencies. Waltja has an enviable reputation for its quality consultative processes and strong relationships with communities.

CULTURAL PROJECTS AND EVENTS – Waltja acknowledges and supports the importance of supporting cultural maintenance activities and the transfer of knowledge from Senior to younger Aboriginal people.

ERF & VULNERABLE GROUPS – To provide assistance to people from remote communities in times of crises or emergency situations.

NINTIRINGTJAKU WORK – Nintiringtjaku is paid casual work for senior Aboriginal people who facilitate training or research events on their communities.

MEDIA UNIT – Developing Waltja’s Family News magazine, developing and publishing Waltja and local resources, external publications jobs also welcomed. Training up and mentoring of Aboriginal workers in all aspects of publications work. Web site maintenance and Social media.

PUBLICATIONS & RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT – To fill the void with culturally appropriate resources, training tools, research and documentaries.

WORKING WITH YOUNG PEOPLE – WALTJA REMOTE RECONNECT SERVICE – Youth program supporting homeless or at-risk young people 12-18 yrs and their families to engage with education, training, employment, community and other support services.



MONEY MANAGEMENT – Delivering training, workshops and counselling on money management and budgeting to remote communities.


APY MOBILE EARLY CHILDHOOD SERVICES – Establishing community based child care services and APY Training.

JOB SERVICES PROGRAM – Employment Program assisting job seekers to access further employment and training opportunities and support them through their career pathway.

YOUNG MUMS PROGRAM – Providing cultural and practical support to young mums and their families in remote communities.

HEALTHY LIFESTYLES PROJECTS – The project aims to encourage physical activity, along with good nutrition and the importance of regular health checks, whilst facilitating the retention and transfer of traditional and contemporary systems of knowledge about good health practices between community elders and younger generations.

TRAINING – Waltja’s Directors have decided not to continue as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Waltja remains committed to advocate training in remote communities, as well as continuing running non accredited training and workshops.

WALTJA NINTIRRIPAI, FOREVER LEARNING PROJECT – Online training project supported by E-Learning Innovations Fund to assist in the creation of an online training space for learners.

AGED AND DISABILITY PROGRAM 2012 – Quality of life for the elderly, people with a disability and their carers.

CHILD REARING PRACTICES – Culturally appropriate and innovative services developed for Anangu children.

COMMUNITY GUIDE: ABORIGINAL KNOWLEDGE AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PROTOCOL – This is a plain English guide to the rules and ethics for researchers. It shows how Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people can work together to do research. In partnership with Desert CRC.

KULINI – Waltja Kulini Project involved developing a training resource on disc for sign language 2005-2008.

MANGARRI PALYA PROJECT – Nutrition Project that focused on healthy cooking practices to address critical local health issues for Central Australia.

MINMAKU WALTJA/WAVE WOMENS LEADERSHIP PROJECT – This project recognises the leadership of Aboriginal women who have worked to set up child and youth health services in their communities.

NAIDOC – Waltja supports the administration of NAIDOC funds provided by FaHCSIA for celebrations and school or community events in remote communities.

NGURRA NINTI – Waltja’s ‘Ngurra Ninti’ (Clever for Housing) living skills project was a community development and training project.

WE KNOW OUR STRENGTHS – Suicide prevention project in partnership with the Mental Health Association of Central Australia.

ULKMANTJUTA UKARRATJUTA, TOGETHER FOR LEARNING – Waltja and Wave partnership focused on women learning and talking up about training.

MINMAKU WALTJA / WAVE WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP – This Project recognises the leadership of Aboriginal women who have worked to set up child and youth health services in their communities

  1. Final Minmaku Evaluation
  2. WAVE Waltja Minmaku Final Report Aug 2009

ULKMANTJUTA UKURRATJUT, TOGETHER FOR LEARNING – Waltja and WAVE partnership focused on women learning and talking up about training.

  2. Priority issues

KEEPING OUR ELDERS STRONG AND SAFE – This project is about promoting care and respect for old people and raising awareness about personal financial safety rights.

COMMONWEALTH CARELINK – This program is about helping people on community access information about what services are available to assist older people, people with disabilities and their carers.

GOOD LIFE FOR OUR ELDERS – This project is a training and support program of carers of the elderly and people with a disability on the communities of Atijtere, Engawala and Mulga Bore.