Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

Our Social Enterprise – Tjutangku Tjukurrpa

Tjutangku Tjukurrpa is in the Luritja language, and means “everyone’s dreamings”.

Aboriginal women from remote Central Australian communities make artworks ranging from painted journal/diary covers to bead necklaces and punu (wood carvings), clapsticks, conference bags and pannikins.

The aim of Tjutangku Tjukurrpa is to enable people who are ‘stuck’ in Alice Springs and isolated from family support in their home community, the opportunity to help themselves through Waltja and generate an immediate source of income.

When the women are making artworks, they are strong in their own identity, are happy and relaxed, and enjoy being able to choose which stories they tell, and the way they tell them through art. They earn a standard payment which is determined by Waltja Directors.

“I feel happy, relaxed, when I am painting.”

“I feel proud when we sell diary covers. We make some money for Waltja.”

Over 500 people each year are involved in Tjutangku Tjukurrpa, sharing traditional art skills across generations (seed jewellery, wood burning and carving and traditional paint styles) and incorporating and exploring modern art forms, including free paint styles and colours, bead jewellery, bush toys.

Sales of the artworks help to support Waltja’s good work with families.

Tjutangku Tjukurrpa is all about sharing everyone’s Dreaming stories and keeping culture strong.

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