Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

FN60 Clontarf

Are you between the ages 12-18 years old…
Are you from these 4 communities, Santa Teresa – Papunya – Mount Liebig – Titjikala
Then Waltja Reconnect are around to talk school!
We want to help you connect to Education!

Waltja Reconnect works a lot to help senior fellas and girls from these 4 communities connect to education. The Reconnect workers Allan and Linda visit these 4 communities to sit down & talk with families and young people to talk about school. We talk with young people to see what school looks like for them, do future school planning or just help with schooling in their community.

Waltja Reconnect works with whole families to find the right school for young people from these communities. Reconnect helps many young people to plan their education pathways and set future school goals, that can lead to future jobs!

Reconnect can help families complete boarding school applications and talk to Centrelink to get their Abstudy started so it helps young people connect to the right school! Reconnect can support with transport, clothes, shoes, banking etc, open accounts, keycards so that young people feel palya when at school, especially when away at boarding school!

Waltja Reconnect has encouraged boarding schools to go and visit communities so they can learn more about communty life, family life and culture so they understand the values young people hold, but more importantly understand where that young person comes from.

Waltja Reconnect will see you in community soon!

We are around to talk school, training or employment. Call Waltja Reconnect anytime to talk with Waltja Reconnect workers, Allan or Linda on 8953 4488, Palya lingku!!