Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

Reconnect support communities by taking out second hand clothing for the young, old and elders who might not get to town very often. We often call on St Vinnies, Kmart and Salvos to see if they have any clothing or items that could be taken out bush.

The second-hand bags become a fun activity for families to sit down and share stories while looking for goods that might be inside the bush bags. Waltja Reconnect is always looking for items to take out bush that will support families on the communities. It helps people to feel good and not to worry so much when they can’t get to town. Especially with the colder months, Waltja tries to get warm second hand clothes to take out bush. Any donations are always very welcomed, especially for children and young mothers. This can also be the chance for fun activities for the young people to dress up and have some fun! Call 89 5344 88 if you have donations.

Waltja’s Reconnect Program Reconnect is a program aimed at helping young people aged between 12 and 18 who are at risk of becoming homeless, to feel safe and to re-engage with their family and their community. When young people feel scared, lonely or sad, Waltja will help them to think about the problems and the good things in their lives. Waltja helps young people to reconcile with family.

If needed, we help them find a safe place to live, and help get them back into school, training, work. How can you get help from the Reconnect program from your community or town? Waltja Reconnect can help young people to link in with and have wrap around services. Family support Return to county Education, training and employment Activities, bush trips, workshops, projects. Individual support. Counselling Clothing & food Health Education Court support