Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

Shanya came to us half way through 2014 from the Papunya Community, 240 km northwest of Alice Springs. Coming to a new town and school, meeting new people and starting a high school certificate are all big challenges but Shanya settled in straight away. She has managed to catch up with her peers and is on track to finish year 12. She is currently studying English, Art, Photography and Workplace Practices and has almost completed her research project on working with Non-Government Organisations. Later this year her studies will take her to Yulara for work experience and overseas to Vietnam to do volunteer work. Even though Shanya has only been at Wiltja for a short time she has become an incredibly valuable and positive member of our school community.  Teacher: Dan Bleby – Windsor Gardens Secondary School/Wiltja Secondary College.

When arriving at Wiltja Boarding school Shanya was happy when she found out she had a couple of family members here. When asked why she wanted to attend Wiltja boarding school she replied, “It was hard to leave my family and my home but I thought it would be good to see new things and try new things. I do miss family but I go to school every day, have met lots of new friends and enjoy seeing new places. I want to finish school and go on to do more study so I can be a nurse. I really like to help people”. Shanya got involved in lots of the educational, fun Wiltja Programs that we run every evening. Her favourites are Soccer, Basketball and Volunteering for St Vincent De Paul Second Hand Shops. We are very proud of Shanya.

At Wiltja the students have to learn lots of things like how to get along with others, to be respectful of others, to get up early and go to bed on time so they have lots of sleep ready for school the next day, to hand in phones at the right time and lots more. Shanya has done a good job learning all these things and has become a good role model helping the younger students who are still learning. She talks about her home community and family and is excited to be seeing them all again soon. Sometimes Shanya gets a bit homesick but keeps busy doing activities so she doesn’t get too sad. She should be very proud of her efforts and we think she is a strong girl who is making good choices about her future well done Shanya!