Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'


Waltja arranged a campout with ladies from Laramba Community. We camped out in a lovely creek bed near Emu Waterhole. Seven young girls also attended this campout from Laramba. It was very cold but we kept warm around the campfire. Everyone ate heaps of kangaroo tails and vegetables, which the young girls helped to prepare.

Launce, Beryl, Debbie and Pansy came out with Waltja workers. Kathryn from Links Volunteer supported the 7 young girls. Everyone told stories that were told to them by their grandmothers. It was a nice campout and everyone would like to do it again but in the warmer months and after rain and for longer so that they can go hunting, collecting bush tucker and bush medicine. They would like to show the younger ones collecting and making bush medicine.


At Kintore Waltja helped the ladies with return to country bush trips. The women went hunting for goanna and bush tomatoes. A dinner camp was set up under a few shady trees. Everyone helped to prepare lunch and made lots of cups of tea and enjoyed the day out. People felt strong being back in the bush.

Stories were told about the country around where we had camped. The ladies also spoke about how they grew up and the things they did when they were younger. Stories were also told of places that we passed along the way. It was a great opportunity to tape these stories for the Grandmother’s program. When we returned to the community the young girls and boys were painted up ready for dancing. They were rehearsing for visitors who were arriving in the next couple of days. Waltja workers felt privileged to be a part of their preparations and took lots of photos.


Lots of trips out on country, collecting bush tucker and telling stories. Stories were recorded on voice recorders and photos taken of activities that took place. The ladies shared their bush potatoes with Iria and Christine. We found a shady spot and had lunch and the women spoke about their days growing up and about their country. Many of the older ones do not go out much now as they need to be near the community, this is for mostly health reasons.

All the ladies would like to go on another camp out soon as the weather is good so that they are able to spend more time recording their stories. They would also like to have a camp out during the school holidays so that we can take more young girls out. The women were so happy to have some time out of the Community and to share with each other.