Two and a half years ago, during a bitterly cold winter, we put out the call for people to help us buy a shipment of good quality large blankets suitable for people living in disadvantage in the remote Central Australian Desert. We were overwhelmed by the response and received $25,000 in donations which covered nearly half the cost.

People have continued to support us by pledging both single and monthly donations. So much good has come out of this, beyond the money. We have received care parcels – muscians, artists and school kids have held fundraisers – and the letters of support have been heartfelt.

Many times over the last two years, we have been amazed at the kindness and generosity that has come our way. Often Central Desert communities are portrayed in the media in a negative way. We want you to know that people here are kind, fun-loving and doing their best. Culture is strong, family is important and caring for each other is a daily challenge.

Look out for our next winter fundraiser. We will need to purchase more blankets by March, ready for the big temperature drop which occurs around May.

It gets cold in the desert.

When you think of central Australia, hot dry desert comes to mind. But winter in the desert is anything but hot. Nights drop below zero and the orange sands turn white with frost.

Because of the cold, every winter there are elderly or vulnerable people who don’t survive.

But not this year, not on our watch!

In the Central Desert communities, people don’t sleep on their own – they share. So, we’ve ordered blankets big enough for mothers and children to wrap up together, cosy enough for an elderly couple to share, and sturdy enough to give a corner to your faithful dog on a cold night.

Good-sized blankets – to share the warmth.

Tjutangku ukulapunganyi wantu

It is Luritja for Everyone sharing blankets.