Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

FN60 gambling

This painting was made by Topsy Peterson at the Mount Liebig workshop, Be Ninti about Gambling, in October. Isobel Nampitjinpa Gorey told Family News the story of Topsy’s painting.

“All the kids are looking around, wandering around after school looking for family, looking for their mother.  The kids are hungry.

Maybe she is at this house.  They ask at this house, but she is not there.  They ask at the next house, but she is not there.  They keep going, asking, looking. They find her.  She is with a big group of people playing cards. The kids ask for food, they ask for money to buy food.  Mum says, ‘I’ve got no money.’

All the kids’ money had gone on gambling.”

Money Management Field Worker Leela Kruger and Reconnect Field Worker Linda Brooks worked with senior women and men to organise the workshop. It was funded by the NT Community Benefit Fund.

Over 40 girls and young fellas came to the workshop, and there was lots of support from senior women and men, talking up about problem gambling, and learning about ways to get help.

Isobel Nampitjimpa Gorey said, “We are very happy with the workshop and all the kids coming and listening and learning.”