Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

After being named Territory Tidy Town at last year’s NT awards ceremony, staff from MacDonnell Regional Council travelled to Toodyay in Western Australia to represent the Northern Territory in the Keep Australia Beautiful Tidy Town Awards.

National judge Jill Grant visited Mount Liebig in December 2015 as part of her judging tour, to compare the town against the other finalists competing for the iconic Australian Tidy Towns title. They included:

• Roma, state winner from Keep Queensland Beautiful
• Horsham, state winner from Keep Victoria Beautiful
• Mundulla, state winner from KESAB environmental
solutions in SA
• Triabunna, state winner from Keep Australia Beautiful TAS
• Albany, state winner from Keep Australia Beautiful WA
• Orange, state winner from Keep NSW Beautiful.

The community worked very hard to clean up using lots of recycled items from around the community and from the rubbish tip. They painted recycled tyres, which added real colour to the whole community. Tyres have come to life after being made into animals like giraffe etc, play equipment, minions. All minions have their own look and personality.

It was a proud time to see the community working extremely hard to make this all happen. There are also garden beds made out of recycling materials.

Mt Liebig is working very hard to keep their community clean and always encourages families who come to visit to do the same. They are recycling bottles, rubbish and also unused goods. Waltja Reconnect supported them by working with young people, doing rubbish pickups, donating paints, even helping the young people

paint tyres to make their Youth Centre bright and colourful. You can see a Waltja Reconnect minion that sits at the Youth Rec Hall.

Waltja Reconnect has supported youth to be actively involved in picking up rubbish so they are proud to be on community. There were group efforts in picking up bags of rubbish around the houses, football oval community areas and park areas.

All community stakeholders have worked together to support the community to reach their goal for Tidy Towns. Agencies included: Group Schools NT, Department of Housing, Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi, Remote Health Services NT, Outback Stores, Ngurratjuta RJCP and various children’s youth, sport and recreation services provided by MacDonnell Regional Council.

The houses have been refurbished by Bullant Building who worked around the clock to get the houses up and ready for handover and support Tidy Towns. They have been painted, have new kitchens, windows, new doors, and new floors. They worked hard and it is reflected throughout the community. When the houses were handed over, people were keen to start working on their yards.

It was a real community effort to be involved in tidy towns. Tammy who was the CSC for Mt Liebig had an outstanding commitment in supporting the whole community by motivating and inspiring the recycling ideas, and also teaching and working with the community on how this could be done. This certainly led the way to their outstanding success in Tidy Towns.

Congratulations to MT Liebig community for being
awarded a Special Commendation at the Keep Australia Beautiful, Australian Tidy Towns awards in March 2016.