Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

In the first week of May, MHACA held a 2-day Suicide story workshop out at Mount Liebig. This workshop gave the people in the community an opportunity to talk about how the community can work together to find better ways to address Suicide.

It was a very tough subject to have to talk about and a lot of people found it hard to talk about it in the beginning of the workshops. But after a while everyone started to share their stories. On the last days of the workshops there was a chance to talk about what the community would need to support them on this issue, what things are working for them in the community and what isn’t working for them and what changes they would like to see in the community that will help strengthen the community.

About Suicide Story

Suicide Story is a suicide prevention program created for use in Aboriginal communities by Aboriginal people who live and work in remote Aboriginal communities.

Suicide Story was developed by MHACA in partnership with local Aboriginal people of the Northern Territory. They maintain an Aboriginal Advisory Group (SSAAG), to ensure cultural safety and storytelling integrity throughout the Program. Program workshops are delivered by local Aboriginal facilitators trained in the Suicide Story content and ‘both-ways’ learning. The Program uses cultural practices to guide participants through the process of understanding suicide and reducing stigma so that participants can effectively identify and respond to the signs of suicide risk. Suicide Story uses local and culturally specific approaches to suicide prevention respecting the unique needs and issues within each community.

Suicide Story was created to make stronger the skills, knowledge and confidence of Aboriginal people and communities to intervene and prevent suicide in their communities. The program uses a joined-up approach that allows community members to work with service providers, in a culturally safe space, to look at how we manage suicide risk for Aboriginal people in remote areas.