Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

The Family Mental Health Support Service Community Workers Matthew Alice, Anne-Marie McMillan, Jeanette Ungwanaka and Clarissa Young went to Suicide Story training that is run by MHACA (Mental Health Association of Central Australia).

Suicide Story is training that was developed specifically for remote communities by Aboriginal people across the Northern Territory, from Alice Springs to Darwin. Suicide Story is a culturally safe space, where people can talk together about how to stay strong against suicide.

We talked about understanding suicide and different feelings people and families go through when dealing with suicide, reducing stigma and how to respond to suicide in our communities. We learnt about the importance of staying strong for our families and communities. The topics we covered included:

  •  Should we talk about suicide?
  • How did suicide become a problem for Aboriginal people.
  • How would you know if someone is at risk of suicide?
  • What are good ways to support people at risk?
  • How might people heal after the suicide of a family member or friend?

Jeanette Ungwanaka gave good advice about looking after young people together after the Suicide Story training, “Families need to talk together to be strong and give young people good ideas, don’t follow the same road, you got to change and look for help and support. If you have worries, go to family for help and support. Everyone needs to talk together.”

Suicide story was developed by MHACA and maintains a partnership with an Aboriginal Advisory Group (SSAAG) to ensure cultural safety and story telling integrity.

If you need someone to talk to you can call MHACA Ph:

(08) 8950 4600

Email: [email protected] 


or other services:

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