Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

During our last trip to Areyonga and Watarrka (Kings Canyon) we had two trainees from Waltja come along with us, Kevin Buzzacott media trainee and Clayton Walker field worker trainee. While at Areyonga we teamed up with Raelene from the rec hall and cooked up a tasty coconut chicken curry which the kids enjoyed after school, They sure did enjoy it as they came back for more. After the food Clayton and Kevin hung out with the young fellas and went to the oval to kick some footballs around. This created an opportunity for the young men to talk about their future education. We then continued our travel to Watarrka where we went and cooked at Upanyali one of the outstations. The following day we went to Lilla school and cooked up a feast of quiche and tuna vol-au-vent which the kids really enjoyed as these meals were different and new for them. Later that afternoon we worked with community women to cook up a feed on the open fire drum. This was a great time to talk about the young people and what the families want for their futures. When young people have stayed away from school for more than a year or two it gets harder to place them back into education, especially boarding schools. Waltja is talking with CDU and Batchelor Institute to see what might be offered for those young people who are slipping through the gap.