Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

The year is going fast and there is so much happening. Waltja Directors and staff have been working really well to get our community programs delivered out bush. We have worked in partnership with a lot of other organisations this year and hope to keep strengthening these connections. Sharing and combining resources helps the money go further and the programs reach more people.

Waltja has sadly run out of emergency relief funds but we are doing referals and thanks to the generous donations from our media shout outs we have been able to continue with material goods and advocacy support. It’s a hard time of year to be without funding to help people but we will try to assist if we can when emergencies happen.

Waltja has completed quite a few programs and events this past few months and have submissions in to continue to address community needs. Coming up we have a new grant to help record bush food stories at Utopia and Ampilatwatja and then at Kintore. These will be done with the help of local leaders and interpreters through paintings, photographs and visiting country. Waltja also secured some funds to hold some workshops to support young people, their relationships and mental health at Mt Liebig. We are also trying to take away the secrecy and mystery of the NDIS so we can better help the frail aged and people with a disability. This is an extremely complicated system for our remote clients to understand and to get the right health benefits and support outcomes.

Waltja is looking for funding opportunities to educate new workers in other organisations heading bush about cultural protocols. Also for our own staff to attend mental health first aid training and upskill their experience and qualifications, programs to protect our elderly and vulnerable from neglect and financial abuse and programs to help families support their youth to attend boarding school. We also want to keep bringing young people into Waltja and mentor and train them on the job so we need capacity building opportunies. If you would like to work or partner with us to achieve our members goals then please contact us.

Enjoy the holiday season and remember to take that spare tyre and jack, extra fuel and plenty of water for those 40 degree days. Thanks for keeping Waltja strong! Sharijn