Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

“Suicide is when someone takes their own life”.

No one really knows why someone decides to take their own life? One day they look happy and normal the next thing the shock of hearing bad news of suicide hits everyone. Suicide can happen to anyone. Its not something that always gives you time to act and get help for someone. People feel shame to talk about the sadness inside or afraid they will be called mad.

Families need to stay strong together, talk to each other, respect and love each other. Signs to look out for could be when people go quite, want be left alone to much, maybe they stop eating of stop sleeping, they seem to sad all the time or crying a lot.

Beyondblue can help you Lifeline 131114


Suicide call back 1300 689 467

The story about the white cockatoo and the Crow: The white cockatoo takes the man for a ride and shows him all the good things of families being strong and law and culture is kept strong. The Crow then takes him and shows him all the things that are no good from alcohol and drugs they are destroying our family and our law and culture. It makes a lot of people lose their way.