Who we are

All Waltja Directors are Aboriginal women, and appointed from remote communities where Waltja works. They must be a permanent resident (living in the community for at least 5 years), have been making continuous contributions to the community and be recognised for their leadership, either paid or voluntary in the community.

At the Annual General Meeting, Waltja members elect Directors. Directors then vote on the office bearer positions. The office bearers are Chairperson, Public officer and three Executive members. These, with the CEO, make up Waltja’s Executive management team.

The Management of Waltja is a partnership between the Board of directors including the Executive Directors and the Manager with the support of all other Waltja personnel.

Our offices are at Waltja HQ in Alice Springs, with varying staff numbers according to the projects we are currently delivering.   Many of our long term staff have worked and studied their way up from Indigenous traineeships and progressed into leadership positions.

The organisation is self-funded due to many years of careful money management.

The Directors are responsible for setting direction and making decisions about projects and programs. They help facilitate programs, smooth the way for delivery on communities and help us make sure the right people receive assistance.

The Directors employ Aboriginal workers and Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal support workers to run a range of programs, forums, workshops, training and cultural activities.

We have hundreds of community members associated with Waltja across the Central Desert region.  Our members get to have their say at meetings and also talk to directors, who live on the Communities we serve.