Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

Jeannie Presley, Kay Williams, Peggy, Marilyn, Lucy and Leah Martin from Willowra enjoyed a relaxing outing to Pawu (Mt Barkly)-Lucy Nampintjimpa’s grandfather’s country. Once there, Lucy and Jeannie decided to stay in the shade under the tree whilst the others went to look for bush tomatoes and bush potatoes. It has been a joyful and pleasant gathering with the ladies singing, talking language and discussing the upcoming trip to Yuendumu for dances. Pawu was a significant site for Lucy and her family in the past with a spring at the back (snake dreaming) and caves they used to sleep in. During the Coniston Massacre this had been a safe place to hide. Lucy spoke in language about the story, which has been recorded on video.

Peggy collected some bush medicine- “Tjungkarayi Tjungkarayi” and spoke about the use for babies, helping them to be calm and sleep better.

The next day a different group- Lillian Long, May Presley, Marilyn and Peggy Martin travelled along Jarra Jarra Road. With big smoke from bush fires in the distance the ladies dug for bush tucker and collected bush beans off the trees to take home.