Anthea Joe- Meriden High School Anthea is currently studying for her Higher School Certificate in Sydney. She is studying English, GeneraI Mathematics, Aboriginal Studies, Visual Arts and Geography. She has been studying at Meriden, an independent girls school, since she was in Yr 7. The staff and students are very proud to be part of Anthea’s education journey, and she has helped us to learn more about her culture. Here is her story about how she has achieved this.

Napurrula startiyi jarrija school-urlaju yukanti jangka preschool jangka kulkurru pajalku yukaja manu teacher Sydney wardinyilpa warrki jarrija Ti Tree -rla ju

Wangkajarla ngati-nyanuku napurrula mayinpa yilyami wurnturu yungu yuka schoolu-wirinkalku Ngatinyanu wangkaja yimi ngurrju yuwayi yani pinarra jarrinjaku ngurrju cilyirlaju junga Napurrulaju yanu teacher ngulalpa Ti Tree-rla warrkijarrja wirrpi-yirranurla ngurrju. Yijardu-Napurrulaju year wirlki nirli-wiyi starti-jarrija Marnkurrpa year nyinaja Sydney-rli-rlaju ngulajangkaju 2014 jalanguju ka year 12 piniji jarrimi mana kapu term 3 marnkurrparla graduate-jarrimi.

I am Anthea Joe, a Year 12 student at Meriden School in Sydney. I am from Ti-Tree 200kms north of Alice Springs. There have been many things that have helped me get through Year 12. I have made my own decision to come to Sydney, and getting family support all the way. Mrs Greenhalgh, Erin Hunter and the Ngurra Jirrama Foundation has helped me get to Sydney. There has been other students from Ti-Tree has helped me stay in school. Every year families come and visit to see what we are doing.

I have made many friends in Sydney and got to do fun things like going to Luna Park. Teachers at Meriden have been encouraging me to come back after holidays, the teachers help me with my school work and homework. Ms Fitzsimons, Mrs Stevens, Mrs Greenhalgh, Mrs Sheehan and all the teachers at Meriden encouraged me to finish Year 12. (Anthea will be graduating in September 2015)