FN 59 – Big Rain January 2015

FN 59 – Big Rain January 2015

Posted on Jul 3, 2015

Big rain

After a long hot Christmas break Alice Springs and surrounding Communities finally received over 200mm of rainfall. The heavy rainfall flooded the Todd River, small streets all over Alice Springs and several highways in Central Australia, causing a lot of the main highways to and from Alice Springs to be blocked off.

The long awaited rainfall excited everyone in Alice Springs, as everyone rushed to see the ‘always dry’ Todd River flow. The Todd wasn’t the only dry river to flow, due to the rain. Other rivers and waterholes in Central Australia have been flooded with water as well, and two of them being the larger rivers Hugh and the Finke River.

Although it was good to finally receive rainfall, it was also a hassle for people that live in and out of remote communities. People that are from out bush, found it hard to find their way back because of all the blocked highways and flowing rivers.

When the Todd River filled and flowed, the Northern Territory Police Force closed off several roads/highways and Safety Teams were prepared and ready for any accidents that took place over the rainfall.

Darcy Dunbar (Regional manager) believes that the roads in Central Australia have no more damage than normal after flooding. The Northern Territory Department of Infrastructure said, “The roads will be fixed as soon as repair crews can gain access”.

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Study exchange in the Philippines

Posted on Jul 2, 2015

Leela Kruger

Leela Kruger is heading off today for her study exchange in the Philippines with ASPBAE (Asia SouthPacific Association for Basic and Adult Education).

WAVE (Women in Adult and Vocational Education) are the sponsoring organisation who helped her put in an application for a scholarship for the 1 week study exchange in Manila.  Another 20 participants from across Asia and the Pacific will take part.  Leela is excited and looking forward to making new friends and learning.  She will be writing a story for the Family News magazine when she gets back.  Well done Leela and thanks to WAVE for their support.

Well wishers have been posting on Facebook: Well done to Leela Kruger. What an amazing achievement and opportunity. I wish you all the best on your travels, you are a inspiration to many and a wonderful role model for the whole Alice Springs community. I’m looking forward to hearing about it already!!!

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More Happy Customers

Posted on Jun 29, 2015

for web

After two days of frantic shopping the ladies left with armloads of artworks.

Danielle Arabena (Centre):

” I spent a lot of money here. Beautiful pieces of art. Good to support the Communities”.

Photographed by: Iria Kuen

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Happy customers from France

Posted on Jun 26, 2015


Julie and Thomas from France followed the Tourism Central Australian Art Trail which Waltja is a part of:

“What a great team! We were pleased to meet Lenny and Sharijn during our Alice Springs visit. They took the time to welcome us and explain their current and future programs which support communities. We were very happy to support the Waltja team efforts by buying this beautiful book cover painted by Marilyn Nangala. We will bring it back home as a souvenir of this memorable encounter.” You are doing a great work!

kind regards, from Julie V & Thomas G

Photographed by: Lenny Hillman

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Beanie Festival 2015!

Beanie Festival 2015!

Posted on Jun 19, 2015

The 19th Alice Springs Beanie Festival will be held across Friday 19 – Monday 22 June 2015.

Since 1997, the Alice Springs Beanie Festival has been creating opportunities for Indigenous women from remote communities to develop their talents and share their designs and stories.

We at Waltja just love this photo of Tjapanangka Butcher and Alison Multa. Congratulations to the Ikuntji Artists who are participating in the Beanie Festival for the first time – you can see their web site here: www.ikuntji.com.au

Photo courtesy Ken Duncan

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What makes an effective Indigenous organisation?

What makes an effective Indigenous organisation?

Posted on Jun 12, 2015

This is an interesting Australian Institute of Family Studies report on what works in effective Indigenous organisations.

The following factors are common to successful community-managed programs and organisations:

  • the community has ownership of and control over decision-making;
  • culture is central to the program, including an understanding of local context, history and community leaders;
  • local Indigenous staff work on the program or in the organisation;
  • good corporate governance exists;
  • Indigenous staff are working on programs and existing capacity is harnessed;
  • trusting relationships with partners are established;
  • flexibility in implementation timelines.

I think they could be describing Waltja!

You can view the report here

Kate Lawrence

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