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Whatever Waltja does, culture is in the centre of what we do and we hold that strong.” Statement from Waltja Directors’ Meeting, Eastern MacDonnell Ranges, NT, May 2014.

Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi Aboriginal Corporation (Waltja) is an Aboriginal controlled community-based organisation, which does good work with families, grounded in strong culture and relationships.  We work in remote Central Australian Aboriginal communities, across nine languages and across more than one quarter of the Northern Territory. Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi is in the Luritja language. It literally means “families, for everybody, really good together”, or the short version, “doing good work with families”. Waltja is governed by a Board of Directors who are senior traditional Aboriginal women, permanent residents and leaders in the remote communities where we work.

In Waltja, everyone works well together, keeping Waltja strong and friendly – Directors, workers and community. Waltja is home. One family” April Martin, Chairperson.

In November 2014, Waltja was awarded the Reconciliation Australia Indigenous Governance Award for the best-governed Indigenous organisation in Australia.  Chair of the judging panel, Professor Mick Dodson, said Waltja has been doing good governance for a very long time, keeping culture at the heart of the work.  He said, “Waltja is one of the best organisations I have encountered; the best in Australia.”

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MacNews is the MacDonnell Regional Council staff newsletter and is published to keep our 400 staff members up to date across the 13 remote communities of this quarter million square kilometre council region. I hope you encounter this and future MacNews issues with... read more

State of reconciliation in Australia 2016

Twenty-five years after the establishment of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation (CAR), this report examines the state of reconciliation in Australia today. The report uses a five dimensional framework of reconciliation to measure and analyse Australia’s... read more

Leela Kruger’s Big Trip

ASPBAE Study Exchange on Adult Education and Lifelong Learning I’ve had the opportunity to travel to the Philippines for the first study exchange organised by the Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education – http://www.aspbae.org). I have... read more

Reconnect to Education

Are you between the ages 12-18 years old… Are you from these 4 communities, Santa Teresa – Papunya – Mount Liebig – Titjikala Then Waltja Reconnect are around to talk school! We want to help you connect to Education! Waltja Reconnect works a... read more

White Ribbon Day, Ntaria Community Walk

“Waltja Directors are saying NO to family violence” Irene Nangala, Director Waltja Directors and staff went to Ntaria to stand up for this program and say ‘NO MORE’ to family and domestic violence. The day started with a street parade with all the school children.  We... read more

Mt Liebig celebrates Tidy Town win

After being named Territory Tidy Town at the recent awards ceremony, the MacDonnell Regional Council community of Mount Liebig is set to celebrate the best way they know how – around a barbeque with all their residents, National Tidy Town Judge Jill Grant, Minister... read more

Say No to Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is not just spousal violence, it also includes long standing family feuds, disputes and fighting within extended families. The community needs to work together to support not only the victims but also the offender, to give them the support to change.

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Willowra, Disability & Culture Trip

Jeannie Presley, Kay Williams, Peggy, Marilyn, Lucy and Leah Martin from Willowra enjoyed a relaxing outing to Pawu (Mt Barkly)-Lucy Nampintjimpa’s grandfather’s country. Once there, Lucy and Jeannie decided to stay in the shade under the tree whilst the others went... read more

Money Management at Yuendumu

Ngula kalu Waltja wardingki-patu yanirni yurntumu – kurra karnta-paturlu kajurlu payirni nyiya-ku ngurlaju-rlu yanurnu? Ngaju-karna jana wangkami ngula-ju yanurnu-rlu yungunku helpi-man keycarddi-ki maninjaku nyuntu-ku manu kurdu-kurdu-ku. Manu Kajikangku tala-ku... read more

Ngkwarley! / Sugarbag!

Ngkwarley! Arternem ngkwarl renh. Kel inpem pelekan-warl. Ampek akngeynem. Anthey-alpem. Ampel arlkwem. Antherrem rernem. Sharemilerrem ngkwarl. Angayakw-rnem. Amern-then arlkwem rernem. Anaty. Alakenh. Apmer-warl alpemel akngeyneyel. Alakenhaym anantherr angkeyelan... read more

Batchelor Institute hosts Elders Visiting Program

Batchelor Institute is pleased to host the Elders Visiting Program that is working with the Northern Territory Department of Correctional Services (NTDCS) and various other Northern Territory Government agencies to reduce recidivism in NT communities. Despite... read more

Human Rights Declaration now in Pintupi-Luritja

Yara Tina Ngaatjanya Yananguku Tjukarurrulpayi Liipula Nyinanytjaku Mingarrtjuwiya Shelia Joyce Dixon and Lance MacDonald from Papunya have been busy translating the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights into Pintupi-Luritja. It is the first time that this... read more

Titjikala Artists make Costumes for the Aboriginal Choir

Many women from Central Australian choirs went to Germany for the Desert Song Boomerang Tour in June 2015. Choir members were from Titjikala, Ntaria, Areyonga, Mutitjulu, Docker River, Amata and also Mission Block in Alice Springs. Titjikala Arts Centre made the... read more

Grandmother’s stories – Mt Liebig

The Grandmother’s Stories project supports transmission of Aboriginal cultural knowledge by Aboriginal women in Central Australia to younger generations. During our visit to Mt Liebig, Regional Council staff asked us about the project.We explained the aims of the... read more

CASSE Men’s Tjilirra Movement

Changing minds, saving lives.
The Men’s Tjilirra Movement was established to secure the future for the custodians of the world’s longest continuing culture.

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Areyonga Celebrates Elders

Waltja Directors have put Waltja savings into support for culture activities on each community. Areyonga ladies asked for a camp-out for the elders. They wanted to celebrate the old people, and to help them to teach young people about culture. Iria visited Areyonga to... read more


Isobel Gorey decided to invite all the Papunya Tjupi ladies to her country for an artists’ camp. Bush trip to Karinyarra with Papunya Tjupi and Waltja – here’s the video

Karrinyarra from Waltja on Vimeo.

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Money Management program ends

Waltja Money Management service for remote communities finished from 1st January because the federal government has closed down funding for Financial Capability and Well-being programs nation-wide. Waltja has successfully provided Money Management services to 9 remote... read more

Ltyentye Apurte School Camp

Waltja supported Ltyentye Apurte School to run a Camp at Arltunga. Waltja provided two troopies and swags for all the students. Waltja staff members: Reconnect worker Allan O’Dea and Family Mental Health Worker Charles Tako, worked with the teachers and elders to run... read more

Director’s Meeting AGM and Special General Meeting

Waltja Directors and members came in to Alice Springs for two days of meetings on the 4th and 5th of November. Ladies came from Utopia, Engawala Santa Teresa, Titjikala, Laramba, Yuelamu, Willowra, Yuendumu, Nyirrpi, Kintore, Mt Liebig, Papunya.  Areyonga,... read more

Thank You Outgoing Directors

Waltja says THANK YOU to Margaret Campbell and Mia Mulladad who were Executive Directors from 2014 to 2015. MARGARET CAMPBELL It has been really good for me being Executive Director, coming to meetings with the other Executive members and with Sharijn, and knowing... read more

Executive Directors 2015-16

April Martin Irene Nangala Isobel Gorey Sharon Scrutton Wendy Brown The Executive Directors meet 4 times a year. They are responsible for setting direction and making decisions about projects and programs. They work more closely with the full range of Waltja’s... read more

From the manager

Welcome to Edition 60 of Family News, By the time you are reading this we will be only weeks away from Xmas and the start of 2016. The past year has been one of our most challenging but also rewarding. The Directors made some huge decisions and used the money from... read more

Santa Teresa Waltja Culture Camp

People sat down together and made a plan for a camp. They wanted a camp for elders to pass on knowledge and connect young people to country and culture. They wanted photos and a movie to be shared with the Santa Teresa community.

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Troop Carrier for sale

2012 V8 Turbo Diesel Toyota Land cruiser Troop carrier Selling for: $39,800 Only 65,000 Km Full service record, well-maintained, extremely low km for a diesel engine. Extras include bull bar, spotlights, snorkel, roof rack, tow bar, 1 spare tyre, fire extinguisher,... read more

Wendy Brown – speech at NDS Conference

Wendy Brown spoke about Yuendumu Old People’s Program. YOPP helps people with a disability. We help with showering, transport, meals and medication.YOPP helps visitors too, if they come for sports, royalty meetings, ceremony. I am the chairwoman of YOPP. We have a... read more

NDS Disability and Diversity Conference

The Waltja Directors are preparing to speak about “Good life for people with disability – Learning from remote desert communities” at the NDS Disability and Diversity Conference on Friday Oct 9th at the Alice Springs Convention Centre 11am... read more

Making Animal Wood carvings in Utopia

Traditionally people in Utopia carve tools and ceremonial objects such as coolamons, clapping sticks, shields and spears. Since the 1970s and the 1980s people have also carved birds, animals and images of people to sell to tourists. These carvings have been recognised... read more

Desert Mob Marketplace

We are preparing for the 2015 Desert Mob Marketplace. Desert Mob Marketplace is a large indoor/outdoor market spilling over with stalls selling affordable Aboriginal art, crafts and products from Desart member art centres across Central Australia. The Desert Mob... read more

The joy of singing

Arrkanala lyilhitjika (Western Arrernte for ‘the joy of singing’) Many Waltja members love to sing. Members of local community choirs from Areyonga, Titjikala, Ntaria, Mutitjulu and Docker River have been coming together over the past few years to sing at events like... read more

Theresa Ross- Aboriginal Interpreter Services

Theresa assists Warlpiri-speaking clients. She does the Warlpiri news  for ABC Radio. Information about the Aboriginal Interpreter Service (AIS) is now available online in 17 different languages. The AIS has eight offices located across the NT, with 258 Aboriginal... read more

Suicide Story

The Family Mental Health Support Service Community Workers Matthew Alice, Anne-Marie McMillan, Jeanette Ungwanaka and Clarissa Young went to Suicide Story training that is run by MHACA (Mental Health Association of Central Australia). Suicide Story is training that... read more

Hello from Waltja’s Money Management Workers

Hello from Waltja’s Money Management Workers We would like to say thank you to all the communities we visited Titjikala, Yuendumu, Mt Liebig, Wilora, Nyirripi, Yuelamu and Laramba. Everyone looked after us and made us feel welcomed. We were able to help a lot of... read more

Jessica’s Kindness

Jessica Muir grew up surrounded by kindness in her hometown of Alice Springs. She owes her kind personality to her parents and siblings nurturing. You can tell she is down to earth by the way she looks at the world and the gentle look on her everyday face. Jessica is... read more

Filming with ABC Open

Filming with ABC Open ‘Makers and creators’ project As part of our training with Charmaine Ingram and Naithan Wiles from ABC Open, the multimedia team and Jane Clark filmed Irene Nangala painting a Diary cover for ABC Open’s ‘Makers and creators’ project. When we... read more