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Whatever Waltja does, culture is in the centre of what we do and we hold that strong.” Statement from Waltja Directors’ Meeting, Eastern MacDonnell Ranges, NT, May 2014.

Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi Aboriginal Corporation (Waltja) is an Aboriginal controlled community-based organisation, which does good work with families, grounded in strong culture and relationships.  We work in remote Central Australian Aboriginal communities, across nine languages and across more than one quarter of the Northern Territory. Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi is in the Luritja language. It literally means “families, for everybody, really good together”, or the short version, “doing good work with families”. Waltja is governed by a Board of Directors who are senior traditional Aboriginal women, permanent residents and leaders in the remote communities where we work.

In Waltja, everyone works well together, keeping Waltja strong and friendly – Directors, workers and community. Waltja is home. One family” April Martin, Chairperson.

In November 2014, Waltja was awarded the Reconciliation Australia Indigenous Governance Award for the best-governed Indigenous organisation in Australia.  Chair of the judging panel, Professor Mick Dodson, said Waltja has been doing good governance for a very long time, keeping culture at the heart of the work.  He said, “Waltja is one of the best organisations I have encountered; the best in Australia.”

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Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi Aboriginal Corporation is a Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) and is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR)

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NDS Disability and Diversity Conference

The Waltja Directors are preparing to speak about “Good life for people with disability – Learning from remote desert communities” at the NDS Disability and Diversity Conference on Friday Oct 9th at the Alice Springs Convention Centre 11am... read more

Making Animal Wood carvings in Utopia

Traditionally people in Utopia carve tools and ceremonial objects such as coolamons, clapping sticks, shields and spears. Since the 1970s and the 1980s people have also carved birds, animals and images of people to sell to tourists. These carvings have been recognised... read more

Desert Mob Marketplace

We are preparing for the 2015 Desert Mob Marketplace. Desert Mob Marketplace is a large indoor/outdoor market spilling over with stalls selling affordable Aboriginal art, crafts and products from Desart member art centres across Central Australia. The Desert Mob... read more

The joy of singing

Arrkanala lyilhitjika (Western Arrernte for ‘the joy of singing’) Many Waltja members love to sing. Members of local community choirs from Areyonga, Titjikala, Ntaria, Mutitjulu and Docker River have been coming together over the past few years to sing at events like... read more

Theresa Ross- Aboriginal Interpreter Services

Theresa assists Warlpiri-speaking clients. She does the Warlpiri news  for ABC Radio. Information about the Aboriginal Interpreter Service (AIS) is now available online in 17 different languages. The AIS has eight offices located across the NT, with 258 Aboriginal... read more

Suicide Story

The Family Mental Health Support Service Community Workers Matthew Alice, Anne-Marie McMillan, Jeanette Ungwanaka and Clarissa Young went to Suicide Story training that is run by MHACA (Mental Health Association of Central Australia). Suicide Story is training that... read more

Hello from Waltja’s Money Management Workers

Hello from Waltja’s Money Management Workers We would like to say thank you to all the communities we visited Titjikala, Yuendumu, Mt Liebig, Wilora, Nyirripi, Yuelamu and Laramba. Everyone looked after us and made us feel welcomed. We were able to help a lot of... read more

Jessica’s Kindness

Jessica Muir grew up surrounded by kindness in her hometown of Alice Springs. She owes her kind personality to her parents and siblings nurturing. You can tell she is down to earth by the way she looks at the world and the gentle look on her everyday face. Jessica is... read more

Filming with ABC Open

Filming with ABC Open ‘Makers and creators’ project As part of our training with Charmaine Ingram and Naithan Wiles from ABC Open, the multimedia team and Jane Clark filmed Irene Nangala painting a Diary cover for ABC Open’s ‘Makers and creators’ project. When we... read more

Shanya Arabie studying year 12

Shanya came to us half way through 2014 from the Papunya Community, 240 km northwest of Alice Springs. Coming to a new town and school, meeting new people and starting a high school certificate are all big challenges but Shanya settled in straight away. She has... read more

Year 12 schooling

Anthea Joe- Meriden High School Anthea is currently studying for her Higher School Certificate in Sydney. She is studying English, GeneraI Mathematics, Aboriginal Studies, Visual Arts and Geography. She has been studying at Meriden, an independent girls school, since... read more

Training with ABC Open

Photography, Journalism and video filming Charmaine Ingram and Naithan Wiles from ABC Open have been teaching Waltja’s Art and Publications/ Multimedia team about photography, journalism and video filming. This training was organised by Jane Clark to give the... read more

Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir

The Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir is a combined choir from Alice Springs Lutheran Church, Ntaria, Areyonga, Titjikala, Mutitjulu and Docker River Communities. Our choir have been singing in Alice Springs at the Desert Song Festival every year. In 2013 we... read more

Waltja Disability Services

Waltja’s Disability Services In Papunya, Engawala, Laramba and Willowra we can help can help people with a disability to: Get the help you want or need from a clinic, women centre, government disability mob, and other services. Stay independent Connect with culture... read more

Artists supporting each other

Well known local artist and jeweller Siri Omberg was thrilled with her purchases from Waltja today. She has a new shop in Todd Mall, Alice Springs called Ininti and is keen to include artwork from Waltja. Siri emailed us shortly after getting back to her shop and... read more

Dion Beasley ‘Cheeky Dogs’

Special book for Princess Charlotte Well known Tennant Creek artist Dion Beasley completed a one-off ‘Cheeky Dogs’ sketch as a special gift for Princess Charlotte from England. The N T Government commissioned Dion, the illustrator of the very popular ‘Too Many Cheeky... read more

Patrick Tjungurrayi- Beyond Borders

The launch of Patrick Tjungurrayi’s book: Beyond Borders Patrick Tjungurrayi is revered throughout the Western Desert for his strength in Aboriginal Law, feted in the art-world for the originality and power of his paintings, and respected everywhere for his... read more

Waltja’s Family Mental Health Program

Waltja’s Family Mental Health team work in Finke, Santa Teresa and Titjikala to help families who are worried for their children and teenagers. Young people might have problems and get upset or depressed or angry and they might stop going to school. Waltja workers... read more

Farewell Our Place Magazine!

Waltja thanks Centre for Appropriate Technology for Our Place Magazine. We are sad to hear that Our Place Magazine will not be published after July this year. Waltja would like to thank CAT for producing this great magazine for so many years. The magazine has brought... read more

Sharing our grandmother’s stories

Laramba Waltja arranged a campout with ladies from Laramba Community. We camped out in a lovely creek bed near Emu Waterhole. Seven young girls also attended this campout from Laramba. It was very cold but we kept warm around the campfire. Everyone ate heaps of... read more

Making tapping sticks and spears at Titjikala

With elders Sammy Campbell & Dixon Douglas Waltja’s Reconnect program did a bush trip with the young fellas of Titjikala. A big thank you to community elders Sammy Campbell and Dixon Douglas for sharing their skills and cultural ways with the young fellas of... read more

Traditional Tools Life Tools (Tjiliarra Project)

This project is funded by CASSE (Creating Safe Supportive Environment) delivered at 4 Aboriginal communities, Haasts Bluff, Mt Liebig, Kintore and Papunya in far west of the Northern Territory. The project helps Aboriginal people in the here and now to understand the... read more

Pinarra Aku Children Language Program

Pinarra Aku is a new children’s language radio show, teaching Warumungu language. Rosemary and Kathy have been making songs together and teaching language since 2011. They decided to make Pinarra Aku to educate young children and help keep their indigenous language... read more

Remembering our story

Remembering our story It’s 2015 and Waltja is soon to be 18 years old, and this is the 59th edition of Family News. It is a good time to look back and remember our story as well as look forward to our journey together through this coming year. Here are three different... read more

Message From Waltja

Written by Irene Nangala Yilta ngaatja panya nyaatjarra wankanyi project-tjarra. Government-tangku kunyu mantjini malaku mani. Nganana yunpa nganampa warrkana tjuta palyakutu warrkarrintjaku. Yuwa nganana nyaanganyi pira nyuwana pakaningka. Nganana wangkanyi. Nganana... read more

Chambers Pillar bush trip

Titjikala ladies Margaret Campbell and Hazel Ungwanaka decided to go on a hunting trip, they wanted to gather bush medicine plants and wood for carving. They invited Janie Wells to come along. It was a very hot but great day with the ladies telling stories about... read more

Managers Report

It’s hard to believe we have made it this far to nearly 60 editions and 18 years of Waltja this October! Some people tell us they have past copies of Family News with photos of themselves when they were young children, that they now show their own families. Family... read more

Chairperson’s Report

This past year with Waltja has been really good. We had things happening like buying a bush block with buildings on it, with a good size house and lots of trees. We will be planning a small tourism venture for that place so we can raise money for our old people and... read more

Working hard on Family News

The next edition of Family News magazine is being prepared by the media unit and will be published next week.  The Media Unit have been working hard making sure it is an entertaining, bright and informative publication.  There will be reports from the manager and the... read more

Study exchange in the Philippines

Leela Kruger is heading off today for her study exchange in the Philippines with ASPBAE (Asia SouthPacific Association for Basic and Adult Education). WAVE (Women in Adult and Vocational Education) are the sponsoring organisation who helped her put in an application... read more

More Happy Customers

After two days of frantic shopping the ladies left with armloads of artworks. Danielle Arabena (Centre): ” I spent a lot of money here. Beautiful pieces of art. Good to support the Communities”. Photographed by: Iria... read more

Happy customers from France

Julie and Thomas from France followed the Tourism Central Australian Art Trail which Waltja is a part of: “What a great team! We were pleased to meet Lenny and Sharijn during our Alice Springs visit. They took the time to welcome us and explain their current and... read more

Beanie Festival 2015!

The 19th Alice Springs Beanie Festival will be held across Friday 19 – Monday 22 June 2015. Since 1997, the Alice Springs Beanie Festival has been creating opportunities for Indigenous women from remote communities to develop their talents and share their designs and... read more

What makes an effective Indigenous organisation?

This is an interesting Australian Institute of Family Studies report on what works in effective Indigenous organisations. The following factors are common to successful community-managed programs and organisations: the community has ownership of and control over... read more

Another Happy Customer

We love getting feedback from people who have bought Waltja art. Bruce recently purchased a painting by Marie Briscoe for his mum and he wrote to us to say how happy she was: “I have attached a photo of my mum with her new piece of art work, She absolutely loves... read more

Irene Nangala Paints Tjukurrpa

The Waljta Media Unit has produced this video about Irene Nangala’s art practice, doing a diary cover for Waltja.  Many thanks to Charmaine from ABC Open for your training and... read more

New Collection – Small Journal Covers

These sturdy canvas covers comfortably fit an A5 size diary, journal or notebook. They look great and protect your notebook. Click here to view the online Art Store. Make a statement when you bring it out to take notes. Others will notice your good taste and support... read more

FN 58 Akelyulerre inc

Akelyurre is a place that supports Arrernte Elders in passing on their knowledge about healing work such as Ngankeres and collecting and preparing bush medicines. The main focus for Alkelyurre is to learn from the elders and to have knowledge passed on to the younger... read more

Family News 58 – Out Now

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