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Willowra age care

  Mankurpa olgamena patu yanulu wurramanji ngurraku jintaku ngulaju Waltja Aged and Disability Program kirli. Ngulajulu yanu kulirrapurda yanulu Parnma Parnta wana yulpayi wiri kirra yirdi kirraju Purda...

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Desert Mob Market Place 2013

Waltja was fortunate to receive funding from the Tim Fairfax Foundation. Their generosity supported our trainees to learn skills which enabled them to independently run our stall at the Desert Mob Market Place.

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  Veronica James, the trainee employed under this program, has...

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Art and Cultural Maintenance Project case study Jessica

  Hi, my name is Jessica Muir and I have just started working at Waltja...

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