Waltja CEO Sharijn King Jan 2018

Waltja CEO Sharijn King

What sets Waltja apart is our ability to engage and network with community members through our cultural connections and responsive programs, gaining the respect we enjoy in our region. Waltja is well recognised as a significant contributor and stakeholder and this year we have built on this reputation to extend our footprint.

Over the past 12 months Waltja has travelled to 20 of the communities in our area and worked alongside families and community members to provide capacity building, training, advocacy, support and services to improve the daily life outcomes for all age groups. Some of these were around school and education, working to address the effects of social media and substance misuse, supporting people with a disability and their carers with respite, beds, blankets and mobility aides, providing urgent emergency relief, working with young people and their extended families to reconnect and for everyone to feel valued, respected and hopeful for the future. Waltja worked to link everything together by building on the strength of kinship and culture and providing opportunities to share skills, experiences and knowledge.

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