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About Waltja

Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi Aboriginal Corporation (Waltja) is an Aboriginal controlled community-based organisation, which does good work with families, grounded in strong culture and relationships.  We work in remote Central Australian Aboriginal communities, across nine languages and across more than one quarter of the Northern Territory.

Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi is in the Luritja language. It literally means “families, for everybody, really good together”, or the short version, “doing good work with families”. Waltja is governed by a Board of Directors who are senior traditional Aboriginal women, permanent residents and leaders in the remote communities where we work.

Whatever Waltja does, culture is in the centre of what we do and we hold that strong.” Statement from Waltja Directors’ Meeting, Eastern MacDonnell Ranges, NT, May 2014.

In Waltja, everyone works well together, keeping Waltja strong and friendly – Directors, workers and community. Waltja is home. One family” April Martin, Chairperson.

In November 2014, Waltja was awarded the Reconciliation Australia Indigenous Governance Award for the best-governed Indigenous organisation in Australia.  Chair of the judging panel, Professor Mick Dodson, said Waltja has been doing good governance for a very long time, keeping culture at the heart of the work.  He said, “Waltja is one of the best organisations I have encountered; the best in Australia.”

Art Store

The Waltja Art Store is our all-year fund raiser.  By supporting the store, you are helping Waltja deliver important programs across Central  Australia.

Naidoc Alice Springs

The 2019 theme acknowledges that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have always wanted an enhanced role in decision-making in Australia’s democracy. National NAIDOC Co-Chair Pat Thompson says that for generations, Indigenous Australians have sought...

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Kiara Gibson-Dempsy

Hi, I’m Kiara and my language groups are Warlpiri, Pintupi and Luritja from Lake Mackay and Nyirripi in the Central desert. My position at Waltja is Art and Media trainee. There is another trainee, Kevin Buzzacott. Lenny Hillman is the senior worker in our team. Jane...

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Nyirripi Signs

One of the issues when driving around in any remote community for the first time is finding your way. There are no maps of the community on display. We asked the women what they would like doing for their CDP activities. They all liked doing art work. We arranged for...

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Be Connected

The BE CONNECTED Papunya event was for all of the community. The focus was on encouraging senior women and men to find out more about good things, useful things that are available on the internet. Kevie, Waltja’s social media trainee provided the training and...

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Bush Medicine at Akeyulerre

Akeyulerre is located beside Billy Goat Hill. 2000 was the year old people incorporated Akeyulerre as a healing centre. It was a place for Arrernte people to inteme angkwerre iwerre meaning to follow the footsteps of traditional healing. One of the reasons for...

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R.A.R.E Students at Yuendumu

There was excitement in the air. When early morning groups of students and Waltja staff got ready to leave town to various destinations. Blue skies and many new experiences for the students from Sydney University were guaranteed. Enid Gallagher and Marleen Ross took...

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Papunya Trip with UNI Students

A few students from as far as USA, Ireland and Sydney joined Waltja staff on an overnight sleepout on the outskirts of Papunya Community.... Third year University of Sydney students doing the R.A.R.E Entrepreneurship course this semester were able to choose Waltja as...

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Kintore ACPO Honoured

I was so honoured to get out to Kintore for the unveiling of a plaque recognising the life and legacy of long-serving Aboriginal Community Police Officer, Andrew Jabaljarri Spencer. He was such an amazing man who managed to walk in both worlds, talk from both sides to...

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Uluru Rent Money

During our last trip to Areyonga and Watarrka (Kings Canyon) we had two trainees from Waltja come along with us, Kevin Buzzacott media trainee and Clayton Walker field worker trainee. While at Areyonga we teamed up with Raelene from the rec hall and cooked up a tasty...

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Yuendumu Learning Centre

An open day was held at the Pina Pina Jarrinjaku Yuendumu Learning Centre with a BBQ to celebrate Adult Learner’s Week. This years theme was What are you waiting for ? This provided a great opportunity to talk about internet banking with community members. Talking...

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Shekayla Major

My name is Shekayla Major. I am 18 and currently doing my last year in Seymour College located in Adelaide. I came to Seymour in 2015, term 4, year 8 as a 14-year-old teenager who had no idea what my future here would hold. I have stayed ever since. Like many others I...

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Santa Teresa Family Camp Out

“This camp is to pass on knowledge to our young people through camping, Cultural activities and yarning with elders”. The AAAC (Atyenghe Atherre Aboriginal Corporation) and The Ltyentye Apurte Rangers held a family camp over two nights, accompanied by staff from...

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Waltja is a Registered NDIS Provider

Waltja is a registered NDIS provider. So, what does this mean and how can Waltja help? What is the NDIS? The National Disability Insurance Scheme is called the NDIS. The NDIS is a new way for people with a disability under the age of 65 to get the care and supports...

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Laramba’s Young Photographer Anthony Pepperill

One afternoon it was decided to go and look for bush tucker. The Waltja car was full with an excited group of people of all ages to spend time out on country. Old lady Pansy was keen to go after a long time of going without any bush trips. Maureen and Launce Campbell,...

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Mayi Kuwayu Our Culture Counts

Waltja members know that culture is important to keep people strong and healthy. Waltja has started working in partnership with a research project known as Our Cultures Count. The project is run by the Australian National University (ANU) and in central Australia...

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DesArt Markets

Waltja has it’s own art and media enterprises. Waltja supports the indigenous team with on the job training, skills development and mentoring for sales, cataloging, desktop publishing, social media and remote area travel. Waltja takes part in local art markets and the...

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Bush Food Stories

Waltja was so excited to get two years of funding to record bush food stories from the Department of Communication and the Arts through the Indigenous Languages and the Arts Program. This is the second year we are on community for this project and this time we will be...

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Marcus Williams Learning and Teaching

Marcus Williams is an Arrernte man from Santa Teresa Community, also known as Ltyentye Apurte. Santa Teresa is 90km South East of Alice Springs along a bumpy road. Marcus completed 5 years of studying a Batchelor of Education through Charles Darwin University. His...

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Funraiser Gig by Isadora Lauritz

Hi, I am Isadora Lauritz and I held a gig alongside my brother Miro and dear friend Yasin Leflef, with all our proceeds going to Waltja. I’m a musician in Melbourne, Victoria and when I was offered to perform I couldn’t ignore the incredibly heavy history behind this...

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Nintipulka Mitiyaku

The Tim Fairfax Family Foundation has provided significant funding over four years to increase the capacity of Waltja’s staff working in the media and art areas. They support these teams to be trained in desktop publishing and social media skills. TFFF also supports...

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Minister Uibo

Minister for Education, Aboriginal Affairs and Workforce Training, Ms Selena Uibo made a visit to Waltja. Waltja received support from the NT Government in the form of an Aboriginal Workforce Grant. This grant helps Waltja to support their Aboriginal staff members in...

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Artists in the Black

Arts Law is Australia’s independent national community legal centre for the arts, a not-for-profit company. They provide free or low cost specialised legal advice, education and resources. This is to Australian artists and arts organisations across all art forms, on a...

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Dennis Nelson Jakamarra Papunya Tjupi Arts

A couple of months ago, we been there to Kalipinypa. That’s my country, special one. That’s my grandfather’s country, my father’s country. Sometimes I go to Kalipinypa. Sometimes I go, see my country. And Tjikarri, I see from far. Sometimes I go to Tjikarri. Only...

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Chairperson Irene Nangala

Kuwarri nganana palya warrkarrinyi Waltjala tjungu. Ramantja wiya yanungungku warrakarripayi tjutangku tjana training palyaningi Waltjala.Nganana wiyala yankupayi tjananpanya training palyantjala wantipayilatju. Nyinangulatju Kungka Kutjurra miitingi, minyma...

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Managers Report

I hope you enjoy the photos and stories in this edition. If you would like to tell your story about your community programs, leaders, sports or other events just contact us. We would love more stories in language as well. We have just completed our audit and held the...

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